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The Building Better Men program design

  • In school 12-week program – A program curriculum and pre post-test utilized to measure program effectiveness and impact. Each workshop is 45 minutes to 1 hour. 15 – 25 young males per workshop.
  • After school program – Half of the program is dedicated to Life Skills session, the other half is basketball skills session. Each session is 1.5 hours. 15 – 25 young males per session.
  • School Assembly – Two school grades (example: 4th & 5th graders, 9th & 10th graders) will receive an interactive workshop on school centered topics such as:
    • “How to Improve School Culture”
    • “Respecting Authority”
    • “How NOT to Bully”

The Building Better Men provides male mentoring and leadership programs for young men in schools, faith based and community organizations.

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Early Career Exploration

Having a pathway that leads to discovering your true interests early in life proves to be rewarding in many ways. It equips one to climb the professional ladder quickly, improves networking skills, and allows one to determine if this is a career or business they plan on staying with short term or long term. The B2M program has established an Early Career Exploration program to assist participants with discovering where their true passions and interest lie.

Literacy Enhancement

It is statistically proven that Black boys that can't read by the 4th grade are more likely to be incarcerated. The B2M Literacy Enhancement program seeks to ensure that it's participants are able to read and comprehend at the reading level appropriate for their age and grade level. The importance of knowing how to read is stressed, along with the importance of comprehending what one has read. Reading different kinds of books is encouraged along with sharing and suggesting books for other participants to read.

Etiquette Program

Etiquette covers a wide range of social and professional "do's". The B2M program teaches etiquette courses that cover proper culture of speech, common courtesy, neat appearance and control of your emotions.

Golf Lessons Programs

The golf course is where business happens! This is why the B2M Golf Program was implemented. The golf lessons will be taught by experienced golfers that will teach program participants the proper set up, grip, aim and how to determine the correct swing on a plane. Once participants have mastered the basics the opportunity to learn different techniques will be introduced to students to advance their knowledge and skills.


Music is absolutely essential to learning. Music helps build motor and counting skills and also builds confidence The B2M Music Program will allow students to participate in writing, producing and arranging music. This program is specifically designed to assist participants in understanding how music comes together and what it takes to create it.